June 9, 2010

Another doll/garden produce

I am on a roll. I drew on the face last night,gave it the acrylic outline and the wash of burnt umber.
It is a bigger doll than the other 2 Sami dolls from Susan Fosnot's pattern.
This week I also worked on a challenge doll.This doll is the Sophie pattern by Mc calls. The vintage cloth doll makers yahoo group is having a year long challenge using this doll and her clothes patterns. I have made many rag dolls and did not feel challenged by this pattern so I decided to do a cloth over with inset plastic eyes.
I will work on her hair tonight if she is dry enough.Her mouth gave me a challenge for sure.I could not get the color mixed. finally am happy with the color.

It has been a busy day.Yard work is never done and the day is perfect to be outside.
80's with low humidity.
I moved a lot of Mr.T's stuff.He is a stacker and the area around the garden shed was really piled to the max.I wait for him to move things but he is busy with work and never seems to find the time.

It is all is banished to the area behind the garage/privacy fence where only one neighbor has to see it. I still have a few places that need flowers.The flower boxes under the garden shed windows, and in the watering cans that line the hosta garden.

Taking out the apple tree has allowed more sun into an area of hostas that have not had direct sun before.They have all had a growth spurt. I can not believe how big they all are this year. Next year every hosta in the garden needs to be divided.THAT will be a big job!

Early this morning I picked the first of our strawberries.they are not as big as the last 2 years but still good. they are ready to be stemmed and washed. That is a good sitting on the porch job.
I will make rhubarb/strawberry muffins and try Mikki's strawberry pie recipe.
Of course there is nothing better than strawberries on vanilla ice cream.How is your week?Good I hope j


quilltr said...

Wow, you ARE on a roll! Both dolls are looking great, Judy. I can't wait to see how your Sophie is going to turn out.

crazypatch dreamer said...

Your dolls-in-progress are great, and your painting really gives them life! Do you mind telling me the exact name of the yahoo group that is making the Sophie dolls? I have that pattern and it would be fun to try, as I've never made a doll before.