June 3, 2010

oil painting a cloth doll

I am working on another doll. I took the class from Susan Fosnot to learn some new techniques and finally got up the courage to attempt another doll.I am happy with how she turned out.I always learn so much from Susan.I then Have to come home and process all I heard and saw.Then in my own space I can produce a doll I am satisfied with.

I made 3 dolls to take to class. I and Susan painted the first one in class.She is always so good to fix problems.The doll on the right in the picture with the 2 dolls is the class doll.

I started yesterday and the first picture is what I got up to today after working on her until I could not sit any longer.A deer in the head lights look for sure.Scarey how they look until you are done.

It is not a Fosnot doll by any stretch but she satisfys me and that is all that counts.Here she is in the flowers.
I need to paint her arms and legs. She will need to dry for a week or so.I'll share when I get her dressed.j


carla (http://dancingmoon-carla.blogspot.com/) said...

Oh!!! She is wonderful!!! You did great work on her!!! Thanks for sharing!!! I love her!!!! hugs

quilltr said...

Judy, she turned out fantastic! I love your paint colors, too.

Hardin County Keepsakes said...

Thanks Carla.Now I need to make her clothes.
And Lisa, you know I had such a hard time in class.I always need my space and take my time.It took a long time and much mixing to get the right colors.Now I know what it takes.
Of course I forgot a lot of what we learned but I am happy with her. The arms and legs are painted so I may get her finished and put together.How is your Gail W. Doll coming along?j

Whimcees said...


Congratulations on your new doll creation! She is lovely already!

Wishing you a happy dollmaking weekend! :<)

Barbara Diane