June 14, 2010

another doll and our 2nd rv trip

I stared painting another doll today.It is raining again so no out side work for today.

Sat. We were going early to southern Iowa to take our flowered sofa and chair to out daughter's planning to pull it with the rv then camp over night.
Well wouldn't ya know it was raining.So we thought we would just take it Sunday with the pickup pulling the trailer.Later Sat. it cleared and we went with our first plan.
We need these short trips to get used to the rv and find out the things we need and things that need to be changed.
One thing that will change is my bed!Not comfortable.!
Just ask Mr. T. how cranky I can be if I do not get a good nights sleep.
We stayed at a nice park.It has a vets memorial(behind the picnic table in the 3rd picture) and a nice big pond with a lot of geese and ducks.
The parking spaces are nice cement pads with grass surround.
We had 5 adults sitting comfortably in the rv.In laws stopped for a visit and DD and DGS .It was raining again Sunday morning when they stopped by,We had a nice visit even if it was short.Good to see them.Once or twice a year is all we get to see Mr. T.'s sister and her husband.
Everyone seems to have such busy lives.
Hope everyone has a great week.j

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