November 22, 2009

Tree tutorial

I am making table top trees to sell in my booth at the antique mall.
I shared the pictures of the tea set tree. This one is a sewing tree.I thought I'd share how I did the curly q ornaments.It was really easy but fun to do.I used paverpal but I think watered down elmers white glue will work the same way. The pictures really tell the story. I wrapped the dowel and large cinnamon sticks I had on hand with a plastic wrap. Dipped the ric rac in the dish of paverpal/glue and wound it on the dowel/stick.Let dry and cut to length.I tied them on with candle wick thread I had on hand.I treated the zippers the same way.I trimmed some of the fabric off the zippers to give them a better size for the tree.

The buttons I put on a piece of wire then taped with floral tape.Wrapped the wire around the tree stem.

The tatting, ribbons ,hoops and spools are what I had on hand to decorate the tree. All vintage stuff as is the basket.I tucked in the front of the basket a vintage snap card, a vintage spool of crochet thread some lace and a pin cushion.Fun Fun Fun.I love doing trees.j


Joan@anythinggoeshere said...

Congrats on your new booth and thanks for joining the Vintage Christmas Monday party. I have added you to the list and will enjoy visiting you each week. xo Joan

~~Carol~~ said...

Those a sweet little tree! I love all of the sewing notions on it! I hope you'll join in next week. And I like your patriotism too!
Happy Vintage Christmas Monday!