November 29, 2009

great turkey

We enjoyed a really good dinner on Saturday.
I tried dry brining our turkey and I have to say it was the best turkey I ever made.It was so moist even when we had it later in the day in a sandwich. It was not an expensive turkey.In fact it was .39 a #. That was the cheapest I have seen Meat in years.
I always wanted a nice brown turkey and this year I got one.

I used my pumpkin dishes and the table was very nice.All the food would not fit on the table so the breakfast bar came in handy. Cheesy potatoes,dressing,gravy,home grown corn,4 salads, relishes,deviled eggs,hot rolls were on the menu.Pie for dessert.Way to much food for us but we do love left overs.Have a great week.Time to get out the christmas decorations.j

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