November 27, 2009

arrangment for thanksgiving/unwanted guest caught

This time of year I miss working in the flower shops.I stopped and picked up some stems of flowers and refilled the pumpkin container my friends gave me around Nov. 1st.I wanted to use it one more time before it is put away until next year.I love seeded eucalyptus.The arrangement sits on the shelf above the sink between the kitchen and dining areas,and the back side is the side I see when I am working in the kitchen.

Thanksgiving is back on!!! The kids will be here tonight and we will have our turkey dinner tomorrow.On the menu tonight is scalloped potatoes and ham.Easy and will be ready whenever they get here.

Our uninvited guest has a new home far away from our house.He went to live at a farm.He was happy to be out and I am very happy to have him GONE.
I wonder why my friends laughed so hard when I told them about our guest?
It was not funny in the least and they all apologized for laughing but still kept it up. It was very stressful for me but I do think their laughing helped me get through this bump in the road .To tell the truth after we figured it could not get out of where it was , I could laugh too. Knowing it would not be running a muck(hahaha I got to say it again) in the house.

One good friend Carol sent her husband John over with delicious turkey dinners for us on thanksgiving,Bless her.It was so good.Even sent pie 2 kinds!!Friends are the best!!!

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carla said...

So glad you all got the little party crasher out of you house!!!!
It could have been dangerous!!!! You never know with a wild animals especially when cornered and scared!!! So wonderful it is a happy ending!!!! Great friend you have to send dinner and pie!!! yummy!!!! hugs carla