October 5, 2009

Craft shows

It has been many years since I have done a craft show.My sis and niece do 3 big shows a year.Adventureland in Des Moines is the first.They also do the Ankeny and Nevada shows.Be sure to stop by and see their booth.
I did a few things for the show, the light bulbs were fun.

Gourds would have worked but I didn't have any egg gourds.

I did a couple of chalk boards.Finding just the right old frames takes a bit of time but they turn out fun.This one is sold.

Most of the past week was a rainy dreary week.As the farmers try to harvest the crops Mother nature seems to have other plans.
Mr. T farms and thinks this will be a long harvest season.For 37 years I have prayed for a safe and bountiful harvest.I pray again for the same.

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