September 27, 2009

a Broom

Oh my I just had to share this.A friend of mine has a 2nd hand store.She had a broom standing in the middle of the store. It stood all by itself.People would just walk around it as if not seeing it.
Very funny.Have you ever seen a broom stand alone?
Nope me either.
Well I tried it and it works.Carol told me you can only do this when the planets are in a certain line.We will see I will try it in a month to see if it works.
Here it stands in the middle of my floor. And a view from the other side.

Toooooo funny.It takes little to make me smile.Hope it makes you smile.
have a great week j

1 comment:

carla said...

Mine stood up too!!!! Wow!!!
That is neat but hubby of course says you can do that anytime!!!
Well I haven't done it before!!!!