October 12, 2009

buffett redo/Falling leaves

Last week I stopped into the Carol Ann's 2nd hand store. I love that store.

There sat a sad looking buffet.It was just the right size to replace the hoosier cupboard I had in the dining area.I could see possibilities.It was strudy,all but one door was in decent shape and it will give me the extra storage space I need.Now I could have gone and bought a new buffett but I love a challenge and a good redo.Besides if I find something else another day I don't have much invested.

The hoosier was moved onto the screened in porch. The oak chest that was there got taken back to Carol Ann's along with 2 other things.A childs rocking chair and a booster seat.
Mr. T said I did well!! 3 things gone and only 1 brought home.

This morning I worked on the door. Apoxy sculpt is a 2 part medium.It can be sanded when dry.Just the thing to repair this door.

What a mess moving things like the hoosier cupboard makes. It was full of things I thought I would use again one day. Well the glass snack trays need to find another home.They filled the bottom of the cupboard.I used them years ago for wedding and baby showers and again when I gave birthday tea parties for little girls at the shop.The little girls thought they were very grownup using glass dishes.
I will keep one set (just in case we need to have a tea party).

The hoosier also held vintage keepsakes.The aluminum pitcher and glasses from my childhood,
Remember them?Ours is red.
I used to walk to the Food Giant grocery store to get the weekly aluminum offering.
I remember the cereal/soup bowls most.They had cottage cheese in them.They seemed to make useful containers,back in by gone days, not the throw away plastic of today.Sad I think.

The clown cookie jar. The one I used when the kids were growing up. Still my favorite cookie jar.

I will paint and glaze the buffett the same as I did the kitchen cupboards.We had taken down the plate shelf when we did the remodel of the kitchen dining room area.Because the hoosier was tall we did not put it back.We put it back up last night. Good to have it there again.You can see the kitchen redo process on my webshots pages.http://community.webshots.com/user/nana5111
I will post pictures when I get it finished.

My friend Carol told me she had no leaves in her yard at 7 a.m. Sunday morning but by 10 a.m. the leaves had all fallen off one tree.We had a frost/freeze.There was no wind.The leaves just fell in a circle around the base of the tree. Neat to see.Mother nature is amazing.

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