September 11, 2009

decorating for fall

Mr. T. brought up the 3 totes from the basement shelves.I had forgotten how *much* fall stuff I have.
I have collected pumpkins for a lot of years and display inside and out.Today I did some of the inside.
Emma is a doll I made a few years ago.She has a dress for each season.Here she is in her witch outfit.

The corn husk dolls have been in my collection of fall things since our oldest son was in grade school.He is 44.
He made the doll in the front to the left of the haystack.

The shelves in the dining room hold a variety.I love the amber and had to display a few pieces of it with my pumpkin dishes,soup tureen, trays and tea pots.Sometimes I think I will do away with some of them but each year when I open the totes and see it all, It is like seeing old friends again.

The hoosier cupboard is a collection of this and that.

Finally the buffet.The pumpkins in the frame I did wool felt on screen.So much for decorating today.Stay tuned for outside decorations.j

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