September 24, 2009

Craft shows/Unfinished dolls

On our trip to Marshalltown we visited my sisters family.She and my niece do craft shows.They will be at Adventureland and in Nevada, Iowa for 2 shows.Watch for them they have the best booth.

I did not get any pictures of their beautiful work.I did get in on doing some crafts.Sister had some pieces and parts of unfinished projects.I put together a pumpkin head guy,and we did flower arrangements.That is right up my alley.

I have a feeling that the big arrangement will be staying at the nieces house.

The week has gone fast again and I seem not to get all done that I plan.There are still 2 buckets of apples on the to do list.I am really not in the mood to do apples.What I really want to do is make and paint a doll.Or just paint one of the ufo's.There always seems to be something else to do.Not what I *want* to do.I have a lot unfinished UFO's I had promised myself I would finish this year.A doll and doll quilt a month was my goal.I started the year really well with 3 dolls and 3 quilts.Then there was the Fl. trip and things just did not get back on track.So the dolls are still waiting.
I was inspired by all the creativity that was going on at the doll retreat and really thought i would come home and get right to it------well other things seem to get moved to the top of my list.I need to get my priorities straight."FUN" first then work.
have a good day

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Kate said...

All those wonderful dollies just waiting for your steady hand. I'm looking forward to seeing what they become. Ready, set, go!