December 3, 2014

Christmas Past.


 I thought I'd share some of our past Christmas trees. The first is the angel tree I did for the festival of trees. Angels we have heard on high. The rest of the pictures are trees I have that do not get undecorated they go into a closet all ready for the next year.I love the pencil tree with the hand made decorations. I have added other hand made things through the years.

The Santa tree like the pencil tree gets stored and enjoyed every year. The santas I have collected for a lot of years. Some I made.

Before the kitchen remodel I had room on top of the cupboards to put my small trees. Now they go here and there.


The santa tree also has hand made ornaments. A couple are made from old light bulbs another is made from a glove.

 The santa and mrs. santa were a gift many years ago from Lorraine. That paper garland was made by our daughter when she was in about the 3rd or 4th grade. She now has a 7th grader.

We don't do a real tree in the house any longer.Now we put one outside in the back patio for the birds.This one was from 2013.It was so beautiful.

 The doll room tree.
Santa and his elves ready to greet our family and friends.

Well that is a few of the many of our trees. See ya soon j


Karen said...

I like the cow ornament in the one photo. I don't know if it is made from wood or fabric.

Hardin County Keepsakes said...

Karen. It is a Cinnamon ornament glued to a mini clothes pin.

Kate said...

I see a lot of familiar ornaments ..... :)