December 30, 2014

Hand made Christmas gifts

Christmas is over so I can share some of the things Justine and I worked on for gifts. They were not quite finished when I took the pictures.the stem buttons were added. We went shopping at goodwill for frames.  Took out the glass, covered the back with burlap, glued on the buttons. Merry Christmas to the grand parents.
 The strings on the cinnamon ornaments were added and the cords on the washer necklaces were added. Last was the sock monkey for her brother. We will start working on the 4H projects for 2015 after the first of the year. I am looking forward to more fun in the sewing room. Have a Happy New Year. j

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Jane@Bluebird1959 said...

Super cute ideas...I'm a huge fan of the cinnamon ornaments. Happy New Year! Jane