October 19, 2012

Hooked on Hexes

I have been working on a couple of hex projects.The first one I made I shared in a previous post.
This one is a little more involved. All done by hand so far.
I enjoy every step of this. Some little quilts not so much. Maybe because this is more forgiving. It is backed and quilted. I will see if it needs a border. Not sure then will bind it. For now I need to do some house cleaning. Have a great weekend.j


Lee Prairie Designs said...

I'm hooked on "Heckies" too! So much fun.

Your fsbric and colors are wonderful!

:) Carolyn

Sarah said...

Thanks for joining HeLP for hexie-aholics! I love your fabric combos and I just don't think it needs a border. It's quite pretty as it is.

Amy said...

Love your hexie project. And thanks for following my blog!

-- LexingtonQuilter

Sally said...

lovely project!!