October 1, 2012

Coachman Roadmaster

This is our motor home.We are gradually changing it to fit our needs. The dinette was just not comfortable to me. Mr.T didn't mind but this is a man that can sleep on the floor with no problems. While camping, over the weekend,we removed the table and booth to accommodate a pair of recliner swivel chairs.Can't wait to go again to get to use them. They are so comfortable.On one of their trips our friends found them at K-Mart. Just a perfect fit
Still finding what we need and what we really do not need.

We will be building a table to fit the space between the chairs. That will be a winter project.We will also cover those seat belt bolts.
 Tom and Larry putting the chairs together. Mikki and I were their supervisors. The trees at the camp ground were mostly yellow and still a lot of green,but pretty anyway. Fall is the best camping time. Warm days cool nights. Hope to get in several more camp weekends before the snow and really cold weather.j

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