October 4, 2012

A rescue of an Old quilt

I love finding old quilts.I wonder about the maker.I found this one at Carol Ann's 2nd hand store. It is not in great shape but found out it was owned by a Mrs Kline.I forgot her first name.I will get it from Carol. It is hand stitched and quilted. I bought it to make santa coats but may not be able to bring myself to cut it up. I may cut off the worst and rebind it as a lap quilt.

I finished the Oct. little quilt of the month from Kathleen Tracy's yahoo group. It was fun. I have been making the little hexagons all summer to be ready to make this quilt. I have a bag full of hexes done to make another doll quilt. Sam the scarecrow has been around for over 20 years.He got a new pumpkin to hold this year. He will be the door greeter .Good thing we went to see the fall color last weekend.It went from the 70's yesterday to the 40's this morning. I love the fall. Another week has flown by. Hope your day is good.j

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