August 11, 2011

The wedding/picture intense

Our friends got married on Aug. 7th 2011.It was a very nice celebration.I have not done a wedding in a long time.It was fun but a lot of work. I had forgotten how much detail there is to doing a wedding.Flowers and the reception take time.Thank goodness Don and Sharon had other friends that helped with the reception set up.We would never have been ready had it not been for them.You know who u r thank u.
Over the last few months I had been e-mailing Sharon with ideas I found on line.
We embellished the ideas to make them special for the couple. Don loves his John Deere tractors and Sharon loves her children, grand children, sewing and quilting.
You will see in the following pictures how we put it all together.

We used burlap over the table cloth, then a little quilt or quilt table runner,then a mirror.On top of the mirror was a doily, a canning jar w/candle,another canning jar with corn and a toy John Deere tractor, a spool of thread and a bud vase with flowers.

The guest book table was made special by the framed invitation from Sharon's granddaughter.The invitation was to a bachelorette party.The little quilt is one Mattea colored and Sharon made into a little quilt.

The guest were asked to sign stripes of muslin.They will be made into a quilt.What a great quilt it will be with wonderful memories.

A special corner in the room was decorated with a couple of old quilts.The couples graduation pictures were on display.

The flowers were garden flowers and a few purchased mums.The hydrangea were beautiful.We used ferns,geraniums , and begonias to decorate in corners.

It was a beautiful day.The weather was perfect and the couple is happy ever after.

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