August 31, 2011

Refrigerator front

When I took the pictures for the last post I really did not pay attention the the front of the refrigerator,until I looked at the pictures. I don't know about you but,in this house, the fridge front has always been a bulletin board.It was used to hold special school work and schedules kids needed that sort of thing. Now it is just stuff. I looked at all the stuff and took some down but there are things that have been there for years and I think they belong there. One is the pictures of my kids and grand kids. There is a vase that sometimes gets a fresh flower. The phone numbers on magnets that I use often.

There are reminders to myself,little sayings that remind me I am not alone and do need the Lord everyday. What better place to put those reminders.

A special little kitchen witch that was made many years ago by my friend Vicki from a garbanzo bean.The little witch is indeed a lucky witch. See that little magnet with the 1 on it. That came from the milk company. Years ago when milk was delivered to your door they gave us the numbers to put on the side of the milk box by the door to tell the delivery man how many gallons of milk to leave that day. A silly thing to keep but it brings back memories of good times.j

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