August 3, 2011

summer is flying past.

We have been busy sorry I have not been posting.i will try to catch up with this post. first we camped with friends for about a week.

What a great time but oh my it was hot! Friends came from MN.AZ. and southern Ia.

We have had a local custom of side walk sales before school starts.I remember buying Ben Casey shirts,black gathered skirts and saddle shoes with my friends.We in the 7th grade and were so COOL!What good memories.

Later Buster Brown clothes for our baby son.Oh he was so cute. Small fry(kids clothes) and Dickson's(women's store) Back then the down towns of small town USA were busy and there were many kids,men's and women's stores.Not so any more.Sad.

This year I found fabric, quilt books and a new ruler.I will share more on this in another post.
Today we did corn for the freezer.It is special.We grew our own this year.Will taste good this winter.

I have done several small quilts for Sharon and Don's wedding tables.We will be helping with that this weekend so it is still a busy time.
I will be checking in again soon. Have a great rest of the week the heat has lessened.Thank You Lord.j

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Colony Mountain Stitcheries said...

You seem to be having such great refreshing to read and think about. Mary