June 13, 2011

weekend camping/fishing and a little quilt

What a nice weekend we had.
We camped at Beads Lake with our friends Larry and Mikki.
Sydney was with us from Mn.
The weather was not perfect -----but so much better, to have cool and a bit of rain, than hot and humid.
Food always tastes better cooked outdoors.
We bought fishing licenses. We bought just for the year but are eligible for a lifetime licenses. Not sure yet if we want to spend $100. Need to see how much we use this one.

Bought a couple of new rods and reels. Seems over the years all our tackle was borrowed or lost.
Here are Mr T. and Sydney fishing.

Mr.T caught one Sydney caught 2.Not big but it is the catching,that counts, not the size.

Got home in time to work in the spot we have in the community gardens.Kwak grass had sprouted  best to take care of that before the roots get too deep.
Planted more corn and carrots.
Will dress between the rows tonight with grass clippings. Should eliminate the need to weed.

 While Sydney was here she learned to sew on my new machine.She made a little quilt using the blocks her great grandma had cut out and chose watermelon fabric for the backing and binding from of some great grandmas stash fabric. She did stitch in the ditch for the quilting.I added the border and did the hand stitching on the binding while she and her papa were fishing. It is ready for her to hang on her wall. She made a label so someday in the future she will be remembered as a quilter. These memories are priceless.

 Through the years I have taken a picture of the family on the steps when it is time for them to go home.I can then look at them any time I need to. Here is Sydney.
I will be missing not having her here. We had a great week.
Hope your week is good.j

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