June 23, 2011

Our flag

As the 4th of July gets closer a lot of us are decorating with red white and blue. I love Americana and have it in our home year round.
Reading blogs I have been bothered by the way some folks choose to display/use our flag.I am sure some have no idea they are doing something wrong.

So I am sharing a site for flag etiquette. Not sure it will do any good but at least I tried.

judy j

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Christie said...

Judy, Yes! Your article did make a difference! I have only a limited knowledge of flag etiquette. I have loved having a blog because I do get great advice, tips, wisdom, etc...from many other bloggers! I lost my mom many years ago and simply do not know things that many may have been taught! As a result, I am a seeker of knowledge, because I want my children to know things that I did not learn! This means I have to learn in order to teach them! You have taught me a very valuable lesson today. I so desire for my children to have hearts of integrity in a world where this value is diminishing. I will edit my post and other post that have the flag to include the etiquette article. Your message made a difference to this mom and now her three children! Thank you! Christie at Three Pixie Lane P.S. I am now in amazement at all the major stores (Target, Wal-Mart, etc...)that make decorations, t-shirts, etc...with the flag!) I just put a 'flag' pillow on my porch that I bought years ago. I simply did not know!