June 20, 2011

A special ceremony/Retired/weekend/camping/a birthday

On Friday the 17th our daughter in law took the citizenship oath. We were able to watch the whole court proceedings via the internet. I took pictures of her on my computer screen.

Well Mr. T is finally retired. It is going to be an adjustment for us both after 50+ years of working. His last day his boss and other hired man dropped a dock on Mr.T's foot and broke his big toe. Well so much for the honey do list.!
Our weekend was busy with Alden days and the Scallon wedding.
Also had friends come down from Mn. on their maiden voyage with their new 5th wheel. So we were on the go.

 Chuck Grassley was here for our parade.I believe he is one of the few people in Washington that earns his money.
 Of course there it is not an Iowa parade without a tractor.
Today is our oldest son's birthday.
On this date in 1965 I was preparing to have parents and in-laws for a fathers day dinner. Pies were made, ready for the oven. Home made chicken and noodles was on the menu. All was going well---- then I got a back ache. 4 hours and 43 min. from the first back ache pain Daniel Thomas Jaques entered this world. The memory is so clear. What a beautiful baby boy with curly hair. Happy Birthday Dan What a handsome man.
love u mom

Hope to go to southern Iowa soon to take our grandson Cam fishing and camping.The year is going by so fast.so much to do.
Have a great week,j

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