March 4, 2011

New Wheels

Mr. T. has wanted a new truck for a long time but had never found just the right one.
He found one a week ago that he thought might be the right one.
The color was right.
The size was right.
The wheels were right.(I didn't know there was a difference in tires and wheels.)
The Price was right.
He bought it yesterday.
He is a happy fellow.

His old truck sitting by his new truck in the 1st picture.
This man has worked hard for a long time and it is something he has earned.
To see that face smile so big as he tells me things about it and to see that grin when he says "that sure is a *perty* truck sitting in my garage." Brings me joy and makes me smile.

We will go to the home show to see what is new for spring and summer.
Good time to try out this new truck.
Have a great weekend.j

1 comment:

Larry Reynolds said...

Looks like just the truck Tom needs. Will be good to come back home and see it.