March 23, 2011


Yesterday was a very good day for ducks!
drizzle and more drizzle.
Better than snow but it was really ,one of those stay in bed kinda days.
Well I did not stay in bed as I was signed up for a class at the local library.8-5

It was a great class!!Free motion quilting.
The class included more than just the quilting. Laying out the quilt the proper way. Learning the right presser foot for the right sewing job and so much more.

As with all classes for me my brain was fuzzy by the end of the day with so much information.
There were 8 for the class Charleen(first picture) was the instructor. I had intended to take pictures while we were busy but forgot until we were packing.

I did not have good luck doing the stippling. It is going to take a lot of practice for me to master this if I decide it is something I really want to do. I do not like stippling much. It makes quilts stiff and heavy in my opinion.
I think a quilt should be soft and wrap around a person to keep them cozy. I know there are quilts that are only for display but they are not what I want to make.

 I did find a site on line that is just for me.

There are many sites that help on line but a hands on class is always better.
I did practice today and will do so until I concur free motion quilting.Weather I ever quilt a quilt that way we will see.

I do enjoy hand quilting so much that machine quilting may not be for me.j


Lisa said...

Judy, I can't believe how much you have gotten into quilting lately! Even though I don't use a machine, I did take a machine quilting class once. The teacher said I was a natural, but I was thinking it was too much stress being afraid I would cross a line, so that was the beginning and the end for me.

Hardin County Keepsakes said...

Hi Lisa,
Yes I am into the doll quilts.
I don't care for the tiny stippling.I think it make a quilt heavy.
I have been practicing on hand quilting but can not get tiny stitches.Actually I like the bigger stitches.Something you can see for all the work.
My teacher said there are no rules for quilting. Good thing as I make mine up as I go along.