August 18, 2010

Tea time

Another wonderful day. Weather is finally lower humidity and heat. At least for a few days.Good weather for the corn crops.
Also good weather to clean the screen porch. This space is where I have my hoosier cupboard and a really great old table. Lots of wicker baskets and picnic baskets. A comfy old chair that is in need of a new cover on the cushions. It is where I store my big basket of seeds,vases, and food dehydrator. Do you all have a space for odd stuff? Things,that have no space, seem to land on this porch. Where else do you put cushions for the patio furniture?

A few days ago friend called and wanted to bring a couple of her friends to see my dolls and ask questions about making clothes,bonnets and capes.
I decided to make tea for the 4 of us. What a nice visit.
Here they are---- Pat liked the challenge doll with the inset eyes.

Last weekend our Sydney came to visit. The plan was a week visit but she was not feeling well,woke up in the night with a temp and head ache, so was only here 2 days.

You can see how hazy the air was in this picture.Hard to breath the humidity was so high.
We got a couple of pillows made before she went home that was the planned project. Making memories.
She may come to stay next week.

The week is half over already. Time is speeding by.
Soon there will be many complaints because of the cold weather.Not from me.
Heat and humidity are worse for me. I can put on layers to keep warm but can only take off so much before it scares the neighbors.
Stay cool.j


Whimcees said...


You wont't hear any complaints from me either about cold weather! Well, at least not at first! :<) This summer's heat and humidity have about done me in! At least when it's cold, you can add more clothes layers!

Your porch sounds so wonderful - wish I could come to visit!

Wishing you a happy day today!


Barbara Diane

Hardin County Keepsakes said...

Come anytime and we will have tea on the porch.
Weather here is again cool with low humidity.Sydney and I are going to dip beeswax candles today.Thought we would do it yesterday but ended up doing tomato juice.
Have a great day