August 25, 2010

School Days

I just had to share.I received this picture this morning.First day of 3rd grade for our Cameron.

Do you remember how the mimeographed paper smelled? Yes I was a paper sniffer. Kids miss out now they have copy machines that do not give the paper a good smell.
And the paper paste. How we got to fill our paste jar from the big container provided at the school.

How about getting new no.2 pencils,new crayons and lined paper
( big chief tablets )
Going to a new room with a new teacher. Eating sack lunch of PB and J. and an apple.

One of my favorite things to do was penmanship with the 3 line paper. Do they have penmanship anymore?

Remember the Dick and Jane books in first grade and for me Lois Lenski in the 3rd grade. I found her on the web.

I loved her books. Judy's Journey. Lippincott, 1947.(I still own this book)
Ten-year-old Judy longs for a permanent home as her family goes from sharecropping in Alabama to Florida, where they become migrant workers. The family follows the crops north up the coast to New Jersey. The hardships of the lives of migrant workers and their children are realistically portrayed.

Good memories.j

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