April 5, 2010

fun with friends/spring green

We had a very enjoyable Easter dinner with our good friends Larry and Mikki.Larry is holding up the wall waiting for the meat to finish cooking.Nothing better than Mikki's potato salad.

Croquet and another game were our entertainment. Here are Mikki and Joelle. It had been years since I played croquet.good memories.

I took the plastic off the greenhouse door today and discovered one of last years geranium's blooming.

The forsythia is in bloom. I raked a couple of beds today before getting rained back inside.

The tulips and thyme are looking good.

The rhubarb is up. In just a couple of weeks until we will have the first rhubarb crunch of the year. I will share the recipe. It is the very best.
Have a great week.j

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