April 14, 2010

cutting down the apple tree

Sunday we finally cut down the apple tree.It was on the honey do list for a long time.We cut one down last year and you can see the 3rd one in the back ground. It is over the pond so will take more to cut that one down.

I got to drive Mr. T.'s truck to pull over the tree.Timber!!! Our good friends Mikki and Larry helped us with the tree and it was cleaned up in no time at all. Good to have such friends!

The last picture is of the garden last year.Stay tuned for pictures in June.That is when the garden will look great.Now it is just barren.

I have a long to do list. The weather has turned hot so I only work in the morning and late in the afternoon.I may work in the rain tomorrow it will be cooler.
I had much more written but lost it when I pushed the publish post.

I have an appointment to sign up for SS at 1 pm.
All on the phone. I will let you know if it is painless.
Hope you week has been good and stays that way.

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Whimcees said...


I look forward to seeing photos of this year's garden! I am so glad that Spring is here with all the lovely flowering trees in bloom and tulips and daffodils all around. :<)

Wishing you a happy weekend!

Barbara Diane