April 1, 2010

doll progress/Easter

I got to the next step in the doll's process.The wet looking face is really tacky glue.
The 2nd not so good picture is before the eyes were cut out. The last is after the fabric is trimmed and the eye fabric is cut out. She is drying again.
I am thinking she will need Helen Pringles messy mix.The messy mix is 1/2 Liquitex Modeling Paste and Liquitex Acrylic Gel Medium. Several layers. Then Oil painted.
I have several ideas for her hair.

For many years i have cut the branches of trees in the spring for and Easter tree. Some years there were eggs on the branches. This year it was late when I cut them. Tuesday of this week in fact.The furry catkins of the pussy willow bush are beautiful. The other twigs are from our forsythia bush. I am so looking forward to a long spring. The best time of the year.
Happy Easter to you all. May you be blessed.

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