February 4, 2010

Hyacinth planted for friends

I wish I could save the scent of these hyacinths.It is so nice to watch them grow when it is so blustery and cold.I started them Jan. 23.
I have decided to give them as valentine gifts to friends.I planted more of them today.They should have roots by next week.
This is an idea you can do with any container.I had this odd green glass and a set of white dishes and no use for them any longer but they were to nice to just throw out.
If you don't have bulbs,take a cutting from one of your plants and plant it in a pretty container.A cup, a glass, a bowl.These kinds of things are great for nursing homes or someone that does not get out much in the winter.

I made a little card to go with the gifts with Print shop.I printed them out on business card stock and stapled it to the ribbon.
I love this picture of the girl with a bird.I have had it saved for years.So glad I got to share it.
The year is again flying by.Why is it the older I get the faster time fly's?
Have a great weekend. j

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