February 28, 2010

2010 Snow /Turkeys/curtains

What a busy weekend.Going through magazines.One can get lost in them.It is like buying new magazines again. Some I kept, a lot I got rid of to the 2nd hand store and to the doll lists.When on our way home from delivering the mags we saw wild turkeys.I am sure they are very hungry.They come to the road for the gravel I think.All the wild life must suffer in this kind of winter.So much snow.Today we went to the home and garden show in Mason City.So nice to see all the new products.On the way home I took a picture of my little PT in front of a snow bank.A couple of weeks ago I made curtains for a friend.They are so cute.This is short.Not a lot to report this week.We are still sorting and rearranging.Have a great week. j.

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