February 8, 2010

Botanical Center/Think Spring/picture heavy

What a wonderful place to visit on a cold winter day.The Botanical center in Des Moines Iowa. The feel of the warm scented air was just what we needed to brighten the days until spring is really here.They always have the entry area planted with annuals or bulb plants.It was just sooooooooooo summery.Just made me feel good to look at it.The sun was shining so it was very warm in the center.They had tables in the entry with plants for sale.$5 a pot.I bought an orange scented geranium.If only we had smell-o-vision on the internet.

The orchids were beautiful and there were many in many colors.I loved this wall of white.

The paths lead around and everything is just so vibrant.My pictures do not do the plants justice.

I love the bromeliads .

The fish are amazing and huge.I have a 12 inch gold fish but nothing to compare to the Koi they have.They must be18-24 inches long.

I have had a jade plant bloom in my greenhouse but look at the size and beauty of this one.I'm not sure what the lavender bloomer is.I just know it was so beautiful I had to take a picture.It is snowing today and will continue through Tuesday with winds on Tuesday.11 inches predicted.
Have a good week.stay warm.Spring WILL come.j

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