December 27, 2009

Snowman jar toppers/A very good thing

We are still celebrating Christmas this week with our girls and their families.I thought of a last min. craft to do so simple and can be out till the snow melts.
I found a snowman ornament at the 2nd hand store.I first glued the ring to the flat for a mason jar. Then I glued the ornament to the flat.I used E6000 glue.It takes a while for it to dry but when it is it is stuck for good.The smaller jars are for the girls.On those are snowman pins I bought at Theisens 1/2 price.
These will be good for cotton balls,Q tips,anything on the bathroom shelf that will fit.Things on the dresser in their rooms.I'm sure they will come up with something to put in it.
I had planned on a candy jar but DD has a fit about sugar.
As Martha would say" A very good thing."
Happy New Year everyone.

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