December 19, 2009

Christmas decorating pictures

As you come in our front door you will see Santa with Thursdays child sitting on his lap.She and the snowman rug came from the local 2nd hand store.There I have a few of the vintage toys on display.Marble games,Chalk boards,a feather wanna be tree and a glove angel.

The hanging Santa I also made from a glove.

I have my small nativities on display all year round..

The fresh tree is a fraser fir. I wanted a smaller tree this year so I would not have to move furniture, it smells wonderful.The ornaments for this tree are the same each year,Our oldest daughter made the fabric and paper chains when she was in grade school.I bought crocheted and knitted ornaments over the years.
A lot were made by the nuns at Mercy hospital in Des Moines.
Bubble lights have been on our tree for all,but the 1st year,of the 45 years we have celebrated.There is a story behind the tiny blue pine cone ornament.When my mom asked which of our child hood ornaments I wanted, I chose this one because of the way it's hanger is put together. It is a bobby pin taped with masking tape to a piece of old christmas ribbon.I remember when we ran out of the wires we used what ever worked.

My Aunt Marian gave me a box of vintage ornaments and what treasures they are, the ornament in the shape of a tea pot is so special.I have never seen another like it.
Merry Christmas to you all.j

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