August 30, 2009

Sunday morning breakfast.

I love to cook outside.!!Dave stopped by and we asked him to stay for breakfast.I called Betty (belongs to Dave).What a beautiful day.
We have a wonderful patio with a bbq pit.
Mr.T starts the wood to burn early on Sunday morning.By the time I get up and around the fire is perfect to start the sausage and bacon cooking.Along with hash brown with sweet onion,sliced tomatoes,toast and juice complete this mornings breakfast/lunch.This morning I tried a new recipe.
It is just *peachy*.

Called Peach fuzzy
6 oz. of lemonade concentrate
6 oz. 7 up(sprite)
1 1/2 small peaches.

Ok--------- this was the recipe I got, but I changed it.Because I had a large can of lemonade and didn't want to waste the !/2 peach.

In the blender I put 1/2 can of the lemonade concentrate added 1 1/2 cut up peaches.Blend.
pour in a pitcher repeat with the remaining lemonade and the remainder of the cut up peaches.I then added 2 cans of sprite(24oz) and ice.It is a very refreshing drink.Thanks Jan.

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