August 27, 2009

dolls ,aprons and lunch

What a busy time it has been.The weather is changing.I love this cool misty weather, time for chilli.I made a double batch today.Fresh tomatoes make great chilli!!It is always better after it sits.
It has been a long time since I have made a doll.The past week No. 2 granddaughter was here.She is 9. We had projects.!!!Doing the projects with Sydney was such a good time.

The rag doll was a free pattern from
What a sweet doll.Can you tell Sydney likes pink?The 2nd doll was inspired by Mimi Kirchner's dolls.
Sydney wanted to make an apron for herself, a couple of dolls and an apron for her mom.
Mom's apron is reversible.The fall side is a preprinted panel.The John Deere side is fabric the girls chose for their mom.That way dad can wear the apron when he bbq's
The 2nd doll was inspired by Mimi Kirchner's dolls.

We were invited to lunch by her Grandma Janice on the last day she was here.What a beautiful smile!!
It was very good.We were at the local tearoom and ate in the court yard.It was a beautiful day.

With the change in weather I want to bring out my pumpkin collection.
Check back in a few days to see the changes. j


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