August 3, 2009

Monday morning

I have been blog hopping today.I find a lot of blogs with pictures of the bloggers decorated homes.Some are primitive, some colonial.There are those with the cottage look.Some are a combination of several.I am not really sure what our home decor would be called so we will call ours an eclectic mix.
I like a lot of things. My children would say that is an understatement.I love to re purpose things.I have been doing it most of our 45 years of marriage.Before it was fashionable to reuse, recycle, go green we were doing those things to be resourceful.
Collecting is a passion.I collect lots of things. I am going to try to share at least once a week some of my collections and pictures of our home.I have been told our home is very comfortable and that is a very nice compliment to me.We live all over this big old house and there are days I think I need to downsize my things.Then I think about it and decide I love my things and will keep them a little longer.I will start with my old hoosier cupboard in the corner of the dining area.The original color was a mint green and there is a tag on the back stating the original color.I left it that way for a long time but it just was not a color I liked.On this piece are things I treasure.The wooden plate is from my bibleschool daysI made it and gave it to my mother and father.It says Give us this day our daily bread.The collection of red handle kitchen tools,The clown cookie jar was the first cookie jar I bought at a tag sale in the 60's.In the back of the cupboard you can see a set of spice jars with red lids.They belonged to Mr's grandmother. Over the years I have dipped candles and they hang on the knobs.Do you remember when they packed cottage cheese in the aluminum bowls?In the far left corner in the back is the pitcher and glasses I drank from as a child.I remember my mom sending me to the Piggly Wiggly store to get the aluminum bowl or glass that was offered that week. There are many other memories in this cupboard,but this is enough for today.

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