June 19, 2009

spinach and strawberries

We have the first picking of strawberries and spinach.I made a dessert from a few of the strawberries.Any one else like me and want to save them for winter.The first batch has been vacuum sealed.Ready for the freezer.

There is nothing tastes so good as fresh spinach.There was a time back when,as a child, I was visiting my Aunt Marian and Uncle Leonard that I did not think so.I was there for an over night visit and aunt M. put spinach on my plate.Now back then you had to eat what was put on your plate and like it or you got to eat it warmed for the next meal.I did *NOT* eat the spinach for supper or breakfast or lunch.I don't remember it but was told I cried "I want to go home."So aunt M. if you are reading this I do love spinach now.
The spinach is steaming and will also go in vac. bags to the freezer.
With the next batch of spinach and strawberries I will make a really good salad. stay tuned for the recipe.

It will be a busy day tomorrow.Alden days will be in full swing.Summer will go as fast as spring.Why is that it seems days go by so fast?
have a good evening

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