February 22, 2009

ironing /another doll quilt?grandson update

Do you remember ironing as a child?I do.We ironed everything except underwear and towels.We ironed the pillow cases and sheets,dad's T-shirts.You name it we ironed it.Boy did I ever hate to iron. I still do not iron a lot but this morning I was ironing some cloth napkins and it brought back memories of my childhood. How the clothes smelled after being hung on the line to dry. I miss that. How the clothes froze stiff as boards but were just right when they came in to iron. We did not have to sprinkle them,just rolled them up put them in the basket for the next days ironing. I still have the pop bottle with the sprinkle top in my vintage stuff.Does that make me vintage?Yep it does.Times do change.
Because I have been so concerned about Mason and how he is doing after surgery I needed a distraction.I worked on another doll quilt. I still need to do the hand work. It was good to have something to take my mind off the waiting. He was to go home from the hospital yesterday but I have not heard how that went.I know they were very busy so I did not call.

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