December 27, 2016

new post

It has been a long time since I have posted. There have been drastic changes in my life. My husband of 52 years passed away on September 6th. I am, to say the least , lost without him.
I am trying to get back into life.
This morning I finished a quilt top I had started months ago.

I did 3 quilt tops using the same fabrics.I got charm packs for the first one and used the leftover fabrics for the other 2.
2nd quilt

1st quilt
3rd quilt using left over fabrics



I started another quilt this past week. I found some fabric with cardinals.I wanted to fussy cut them for centers in blocks. It is working out  ok. I will make a block when the mood strikes. Each will be different.I want to wish everyone a Happy New year. j

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