April 25, 2012

A Visit

As I said in the last post we have been busy. Our daughter and her son came for a visit. We went shopping for his new fishing pole and tackle box(birthday gift)

He came to help move the pond fish. What fun! We have around 45 gold fish and 2 Koi.Here is a link to the pond pictures. http://home-and-garden.webshots.com/album/549162063hjXLeR
We then made monkey bread. Cam thinks it is awesome and wants to make some at home. I love making memories with Cam. He is such a great kid.
He played his guitar and sang for us.He is getting really good. I forgot to get a picture will do it next time.
Weather is still beautiful. We got the corn,radish,carrots,and spinach seed planted. The onions sets planted. The potatoes are coming through the ground. Tomatoes and peppers will wait a bit longer. Night temps still too cold.
So much for this week.Hope yours is going well.j
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April 23, 2012

Wonderful spring

It has been a busy time.Lots going on. Spring tea at the library. Very nice as always.Speaker,Richard Jauron, from the university. Spoke on flowers. Very interesting.His slide show was very good, showing the plants blooming. Helped me remember what I have in my gardens.Wild ginger,Iris,grasses and phlox. The hosta looks good and the ladies mantel will be blooming soon.The fern peony looks good.Thanks Carol.The tiny start is growing. The speaker said they sell for $50 in the stores now. The moss rose has self seeded in the planters on the pond bridge.They are so bright. Cam was here with his mom over the weekend.He moved the fish from the greenhouse to the pond.I will share in the next post as this one is getting very long.Have a great week. Enjoy this beautiful weather. We are blessed.j
link http://www.tootsietime.com/2012/04/fertilizer-friday-flaunt-your-flowers_26.html

you can see more pictures of the pond and gardens at my web shots link . .

April 9, 2012

Gardening/link Tootsie Time

We worked in the community gardens plots this weekend.What a beautiful space to have available to us. So much work goes into these gardens.There are 18 garden spots.
We have 2. 15x30ft. spaces. This year we took the 2nd plot to have room for potatoes. It is the first year for us, growing them. We decided to amend the soil with sand and dry grass clippings. Thanks to Chad,Joanna and Sydney it took little time to move a ton of sand. It would have taken us oldsters a long time to move it all.
 Before the tilling

The ground is so nice now. We planted 6 rows of potatoes.Freeze warnings are out for the next couple of nights. No harm to the potatoes but will not be good for fruit trees.

After working in the gardens we had a visit from 2 bikers out for a ride.  Brother and brother in law. Always good to see family.
My Easter lily this year had 7 buds when I bought it.Usually a couple flowers bloom then fall off when more open. This year 6 are open at once.Smells and looks beautiful..The button fern was just to tempting.
Hope your week is a good one.j


April 7, 2012

He is Risen

Praise God.
Hope you all have a beautiful day..j

April 5, 2012

Spring/Happy Easter/Tootsie Time link

It has been an unusual spring.Very warm some days. Today not so warm today. Weather bug says freeze warning till Friday. I had a fern and ivy set out but they went back inside for a little longer.The lilac tree is blooming. I am going to cut it back after this years blooms are done so I treated myself to a big bouquet. They smell wonderful.
 Time to use some of my collections. I have a lot of baskets. What is the point of having things if you do not use and enjoy them? My children are not going to want all my stuff so it does not have to be kept pristine for them.

My intent is to fill the baskets I have with plants from my greenhouse and maybe a few new plants VBG. If they get ruined from water so be it.
We added a new shelf to the front porch. It will be a great place to display the baskets of plants.It is just a little to cold yet ,but soon. See how good the lilacs look on the table under the shelf.
 Because of the freeze warning I covered my tulips.The last 2 years they froze off. As you can see in the back ground the hosta garden is looking good. You can almost see the hosta growing. The flowering almond is also in bloom.

A few days ago we were in the patio working when a car stopped. Not one we recognized. Turns out to be an old class mate of our oldest son. They were in the area for a family funeral. We had a nice visit. Bo said he spent as much time in this house as in his own. Fun memories. Great family.
I want to wish you all a Happy Easter. We will have our girls and their families here for a few days. j
LINK to http://www.tootsietime.com/2012/04/fertilizer-friday-flaunt-your-flowers.html