April 23, 2012

Wonderful spring

It has been a busy time.Lots going on. Spring tea at the library. Very nice as always.Speaker,Richard Jauron, from the university. Spoke on flowers. Very interesting.His slide show was very good, showing the plants blooming. Helped me remember what I have in my gardens.Wild ginger,Iris,grasses and phlox. The hosta looks good and the ladies mantel will be blooming soon.The fern peony looks good.Thanks Carol.The tiny start is growing. The speaker said they sell for $50 in the stores now. The moss rose has self seeded in the planters on the pond bridge.They are so bright. Cam was here with his mom over the weekend.He moved the fish from the greenhouse to the pond.I will share in the next post as this one is getting very long.Have a great week. Enjoy this beautiful weather. We are blessed.j
link http://www.tootsietime.com/2012/04/fertilizer-friday-flaunt-your-flowers_26.html

you can see more pictures of the pond and gardens at my web shots link . .

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