April 9, 2012

Gardening/link Tootsie Time

We worked in the community gardens plots this weekend.What a beautiful space to have available to us. So much work goes into these gardens.There are 18 garden spots.
We have 2. 15x30ft. spaces. This year we took the 2nd plot to have room for potatoes. It is the first year for us, growing them. We decided to amend the soil with sand and dry grass clippings. Thanks to Chad,Joanna and Sydney it took little time to move a ton of sand. It would have taken us oldsters a long time to move it all.
 Before the tilling

The ground is so nice now. We planted 6 rows of potatoes.Freeze warnings are out for the next couple of nights. No harm to the potatoes but will not be good for fruit trees.

After working in the gardens we had a visit from 2 bikers out for a ride.  Brother and brother in law. Always good to see family.
My Easter lily this year had 7 buds when I bought it.Usually a couple flowers bloom then fall off when more open. This year 6 are open at once.Smells and looks beautiful..The button fern was just to tempting.
Hope your week is a good one.j


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