November 9, 2012

Home and stuff

I spend way to much time looking at other blogs.Yesterday I visited several and got to thinking do they really live like that? Nothing was out of place. The counter are spotless. No papers,no dirty glasses in the sink. I wonder about the use of old peeling paint on the shabby chic things. Don't they worry about lead paint? I would get so tired of all white everything .I like color! Don't get me wrong I love looking at all the beautiful pictures but REALLY. Who lives like that?

Good place to see blogs.

We live all over our house. Things get out of place. I blog, but it takes way to much time to stage rooms. It would be a full time job.
Thought I'd share the rearranged living room. I had a sofa table in the doll room that I decided needed to be behind the sofa so lamps could be place there to give me better light to sew by.

See the blanket by the recliner? That keeps Mr. T warm while he watches tv. If I put it away he would not be able to find it and would grumble. See my sewing stuff by the sofa.It is always within reach.

Another thing, as long as I'm on a roll,. I like my stuff. I like to see it. I don't want to store things away and bring it out once in a while. I like seeing it all the time. Some people give me grief about all my stuff but I have found others out there in blog land that like their stuff too. They are in my blog list. Cozy Little House,and Debbie Dabble to name a couple.

I love this blog.
My kind of spaces.

I found these pilgrims at my favorite 2nd hand store.Carol Ann's -----love them .

I added a bit to the arrangement on the buffet.

See the sweet little dispenser? Hallie  found it for me. I love it! She knows me well.

 I love our home. It makes me happy. We have lived here 42 years. Moved here November 14th 1970. There have been many changes in those years. We are blessed.Have a great weekend. j


Judi Hunziker said...

Home is where the heart is and that is all that matters no matter what our individual tastes are. It is the memories we create that we remember more than what color the couch was if you know what I mean. Have a great day! :)

Hardin County Keepsakes said...

Judi, Yes it is.
Thanks for the visit and the words of wisdom.j

Hallie said...

Glad you like your present Nana (: I love all the stuff in your house! It wouldn't be your house without it! (: Love you!

Hardin County Keepsakes said...

Thanks sweet girl. Hope to see you soon. love u too.

Negi said...

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