November 8, 2012

Green Space

 There is nothing  I enjoy more than my small greenhouse. It has been a place to sooth my spirit when I am uneasy. I went out this morning to plant the amaryllis bulbs. I don't have much luck with them.They always grow great leaves but no blooms. This year I planted all 5 bulbs in one pot. At least there will be a lot of green.
The space is small and full. I saved my begonias this year. They were so pretty I just could not leave them out in the cold.
We added a 2nd big tank for the pond fish. They seem happy. The veggie filter is working really well on one not so much the other. The pump may be to small. Will change it and see if it makes a difference.
I enjoy spending time out there. In fact I lose all thought of time just fiddling with the plants or watching the fish. Here are some pictures for you to enjoy. They say snow next week is possible. I am blessed to have this green space.Hope your week was good. j

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Beth said...

Love your greenhouse. You have many lovely plants there.