January 15, 2012

Tree,Fish,apples and white wash

The past week was busy. The tree guy came and dropped one of the big maple trees. Mr.T. and a friend cut it up. I had the pleasure of running the lever on the splitter for a while. OHHHHHHHH BOY!
It was a good job done. The weather held so all the brush from the tree and leaves from the hosta garden got taken care of. I am so thankful for the good weather---- that garden was bothering me. Because of health issues fall was not a good time for me to do any work in the gardens. Now it will make it so much easier in the spring.

No wind for 3 days made for great burning. A young friend wanted a few gold fish for a new tank. He came down and went fishing in the greenhouse fish tank.The fishes winter home.  

We have plenty of fish as you can see from the pond picture from last fall. Over 60 at last count.   

We got a bit side tracked with the tree and the porch project was put on hold. Today we got the ceiling boards white washed and ready to install.

 I cooked up the last of the Christmas apples.We will make it into apple butter tomorrow. I worked on another small quilt.Will share when it is done.Hope everyone has a great week.
 Our friend will be having surgery this week and prayers would be appreciated.Thanks.
Have a great week j

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