January 4, 2012

12 Days of Christmas little quilt

On the small quilt list some members, are doing a little quilt  from The Temecula quilt co.blogspot.
I decided to join in. Picking and cutting the fabrics is the hardest for me. I love fabric and have a good supply. But choosing the right piece,for each block takes time. If I did not have so much fabric already I would buy charm packs or jelly rolls where the fabric is already put together.

To make 12 , 3 inch finished blocks I chose many pieces of fabric. Laid them all out on the iron table and started cutting. There are 3 blocks left to cut out. Tomorrow I will start sewing them together.

It feels good to be back to creating. Hope there is a bit of doll making/painting in my future.

Mr.T has started doing the back porch redo. While he works on that I will have free time to sew.
New windows and door will replace those that are there now.
 The washer and dryer will be out there so a new shower can be put where the washer and dryer are now.
It will be good to have a shower on the main floor.
Always something to do to a 100 + year old house.
Have a good week the temps are going to be 40s and 50s. Not a normal winter here in Iowa. We need snow. The ground moisture is really low. I never thought I would pray for it to snow.j

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