May 16, 2011

Checking in/busy time

What a dreary day we had on the 14th. Weather was cold and wet. Not good birthday weather,but it was a good birthday Cam and Becky were here. I got a Big cookie for my 65th birthday. Cam really likes BIG cookies. Speaking of big he is nine now and is getting so tall.They do not stay babies long.

It has been a while since I posted. The gardens and yard are priority now. I need to get everything done,in the yard and gardens, before Mr. T is done in the fields with spraying. Then it will be camping time!!!
There is progress but still much to do. The block is done around the pond.The sitting area where the berm was is done.
 I have a ton of lime stone rock to move. Maybe more than a ton!! See the pile off to the right. There are 3 piles of rock to move.

The pots are all planted.They are all on the deck for protection*again* from last nights frost.
The 15th of May is supposed to be the last frost date for our area in Iowa or so the old timers say.Hope they are right.Those pots are heavy.

 I got the old cement planters painted  a terra cotta color and filled. They will look good by the pond.
The planter is done Hosta moved in and the grass is seeded around it.When everything is placed and beautiful I will post new pictures. For now I better get back out to moving rock.Have a good week.j

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Merilyn said...

Your little pond looks wonderful, and I love the garden around your tree!!! It must be nice to have beautiful plants around again after a long winter!!