May 1, 2011

Busy Saturday

We drained the pond Saturday getting it ready for the fish.It was in bad shape after the winter.
For several years the limestone has been shifting and this past winter caused them to move even more.

So it is time to move all the stone *again*.
Because it is hard to sit on the east side and see the fish we are doing away with the berm and putting the veggie(bog) filter lower where if it runs over the water will run back into the pond. There will be a sitting area on the west side. (*Besides I need the dirt from the berm for the new planter that will go around the Lindon tree in the front yard.*)
We got most of the stone moved and we are ready to proceed but the weather is cold and windy and Mr. T is dragging his heels.
We stopped at 3 places for bedding plants yesterday.I love marigolds! can hardly wait to get them in the ground. Need patience it is still to cold. Maybe next week. 15th of May is the last frost date for Iowa so the old timers say.
So much to do so little time.
Enjoy the day j


Merilyn said...

Love the marigolds!!! Do post a picture of the pond when it is all done! Do you have fish in the pond?

Wanda said...

That does not look like fun. Let's see it when you are done? What kind of fish do you have?


Hardin County Keepsakes said...

Hi ladies,We have gold fish.We had a couple of fan tails but the raccoon got them last year.We have had the fish for over 12 years. We had never had any trouble before but last year the veggie filter plugged up and allowed the water level to drop to only a foot. It is the reason I am moving the veggie filter lower onto the liner so if there is a problem again the water will just run over into the pond and not out onto the ground.
We still have plenty of fish but the 12 year old, 12inch long fish are gone.
Wanda i really like to dig dirt and shovel gravel.Weird I know but after a work out moving the dirt and gravel I feel good ----Sore but good.j

Mary said...

Thank you for stopping by my new blog which led me here. Hardin County Keepsakes is great! I have looked back and found so much I want to take more time to read. Your oil painted dolls are wonderful!