September 19, 2010

South Dakota trip

Hi everyone.We are home and it feels really good.
We did have a great time on our vacation.
We were gone 9 days.
We left on the 6th of Sept. going out we ran into a very strong wind and rain after we were in South Dakota. It was the only bad weather we had until the last day coming home.

To begin I have to say I admire, even more, our ancestors that traveled this country in covered wagons and horse back. It is amazing to me that they found their way across this very vast land.
Other places we have traveled the land seems to change gradually but not this time.

Leaving Iowa/Minnesota we went from, corn and bean, fairly flat fields----- to flat ground with sun flower,millet and sorghum crops to very round hills ----with field upon field of round bales,hundreds of round bales.

There were also a lot of bee hives.

The winter wheat had been harvested.The fields had a beautiful pattern to them.

When we got to the Missouri river the land scape changed drastically. This is the highway we traveled on.The cars and rv's look like toys from the rest stop/information center.
They warned of poisonous snakes there.
It was an interesting place.A place, Lewis and Clark stood and, Lewis wrote of in his journals.

I hope this is not boring you all.It is a place I have never been.I had no idea what to expect and was surprised at how much I enjoyed more of this beautiful country. I will share a few more pictures in the next blogs.

I love to take pictures of our flag.The large flag was out in the middle of no where at a small gas station where they had soft serve ice cream.The 2 in the middle were at Mt.Rushmore. The last on the road.

God bless America.

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